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    The Mentorship Program allows alumnae and students to actualize the mission of Our Lady’s College – LOVE & CONCERN.


    The Mentorship Program provides a platform for alumnae to guide and lead current S4 to S6 students. Through the social network and experience sharing of the mentors, mentees will be nurtured with core skills needed for their personal development . Mentors will also provide mentees with valuable advice on further education and career.


    Mentees are put into different professional groups, ranging from business, education, medical and art, according to their interests. Mentors working in different fields are assigned to relevant groups. Currently, there are over 40 mentors joining the program. They have over 8 – 30 years of work experiences.


    To provide more support for current students, we sincerely invite alumnae to join our program and act as mentors. Your participation and support will certainly benefit the growth and development of current students. Interested past pupils can contact us via email ppa@olc.edu.hk, with attention to Mentorship Program Leaders – Esther Chak, Cecilia Cheon, Anita Wong or Ms Mandy Ho, Career Mistress of OLC.



    The Mentorship Program was first launched in the academic year of 2013-2014 for S4-S6 students. 40 alumnae mentors with working experiences in different professions and 67 mentees were recruited in September, 2013. An orientation was held in OLC on October 5 2013. Two alumnae, Ms. Teresa Tsien and Professor Agnes Chan were invited as speakers in the first Career Talk on November 20 2013. They shared study tips, goal setting and career building tactics with senior students. Another career talk was organized on March 29, 2014 with two other alumnae, namely, Ms Maria Lau and Ms Bernadette Lee as speakers. They provided the students with valuable insights into the design and nursing professions.


    In addition, the Mentorship Team has organized various activities, including gatherings and visits, for both mentors and mentees and also summer internship for a few mentees. For more information on these activities, please browse the overview of our 2013-2014 program .


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