• OLC Alumni Foundation

    Our Lady’s College Alumni Foundation Limited (“the Foundation”) is formed as a company limited by guarantee in the Companies Registry of Hong Kong and is registered as a charity for tax exemption. In Hong Kong, donations of HK$100 or above can be claimed for tax deduction.

    The Objectives of the Foundation

    • To promote, support, sponsor and further education, including the provisions of prizes, awards, scholarships, bursaries and grants;
    • To advance education of young people by developing and enhancing their intellectual, mental, physical, social, emotional, spiritual and moral capabilities through their leisure time activities;
    • To provide educational-related activities for advancement of education, advance the education of the pupils in Hong Kong by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for educational purposes;
    • To foster activities of a cultural and educational nature;
    • To advance the development and awareness of art and culture in Hong Kong, including helping artists, museums, art exhibits, art competitions and culture societies and concerts for the purposes of promoting advancement of education, art and culture of the community;
    • To honour and reward excellence in research and development of technologies, including the provisions of prizes, scholarships, bursaries, grants and other awards therefor.
    • Full version of the Articles of Association of Our Lady’s College Alumni Foundation Limited

    Supervision of the Foundation

    The Foundation is supervised by the Management Committee consisted of the following persons:


    Sr. Amy Lim 林麗玲修女

    Mrs. Bette Li 李金嘉倩

    Vivian Ho 何潔珍

    Rebecca Choy 蔡美碧

    Teresa Tsien 錢黃碧君

    Emily Lau 劉瑞琦