• Academic Enhancement Program

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    Our Academic Enhancement Program aims to help and to provide support to current students in their learning process and thus to enhance their academic performance.


    In an effort to meet the students’ needs in their further studies and future careers, the Academic Enhancement program will focus on enhancing the use of the English language (both oral and written) in the coming two years.


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    We will organize activities such as writing workshops and follow-up support for senior-level students and invite experienced teachers, including internationally renowned experts, to serve as tutors and instructors. Through practice, students can enhance their writing skills by applying what they have learned in these activities. For lower-form students, we will organize tutorial classes to help and to support them to learn English as a subject and also other content subjects learned in English. Also, we will invite an experienced coach to give speech training and aim to enhance students' speaking skills.


    Please click here for 2013-2014 review.


    Please contact Ms Alice Tse (Leader of Academic Team) at ppa@olc.edu.hk or Ms Rosanna Lo of Our Lady’s College for more details.