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Internship review during 2021 summer

· Mentorship2021

Carmen現於上海中醫藥大學修讀中醫, 而Willa則於香港都會大學護理學系

Carmen’s job review:

This summer, I joined an internship in P Tse & Company, C.P.A. For this, I’m very grateful to my school, Our Lady's College, and our mentors. They gave me this chance to be trained in accounting, in which field I am interested.

The internship took place from June to August. My main work was on auditing, accounting and administration. I had to tidy up many audit files according to the client code and file no. assigned to them. The client code and file no. refer to a company and the period concerned respectively. It could be easier to retrieve the audit file that I needed for reference while doing my work. At the beginning, I had to check some information in order to see if the company can give all the documents we needed. Usually, I had to check the accuracy of calculation although we got help from Excel calculation. I could also do several schedules in the past three months, based on my knowledge learnt from my BAFS lessons. For example, depreciation, accrual and prepayment. Therefore, I realized that the things I learnt from BAFS lessons are important for an accountant.

In this internship, I learnt many things about how accountants work, what they do every day and how a company is run. I got experiences in working in a company and came to know more about the job of accountants. All my colleagues were very nice, especially my senior, Ms Bertha Chui. When I got some difficulties and questions, they would try their best to help me. They are patient and understanding when I asked for advice. Not only that but also, I learnt many computer skills and became more familiar with Excel. Therefore, I’d like to thank all my mentors in the company for such valuable experiences in the field of accounting!

Willa’s job review:

I was given an opportunity to work as an intern in P Tse & Company from 1 June, 2021 to 31 August 2021.

People always say: “Chances are for the people who are well prepared.” It is definitely true. This is why I gratefully accepted the offer of internship, since BAFS is my elective for the HKDSE. With the experiences I gained in the past three months, at least I leaned what accounting is about.

The internship has broadened my horizons, especially in the accounting field. Auditing files for a variety of companies is an eye-opener during the three months. At the beginning of June, it was my first time to receive the audit files from Ms Bertha Chui (the alumnae of my school). I had no sense about the definition of “audit” and did not know what I should do to get the audit work done and prepare the audit schedules. Fortunately, Bertha taught me step-by-step. I am sincerely grateful to her since she taught me a lot and never scolded me even if I did something incorrectly.

It’s amazing that the company is almost like a family to me! All the colleagues, even our boss, are so caring. At first, I was worried about being alone in the company and could not mix with them. However, the fact showed that those worries were unnecessary!

Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to both the company and my secondary school for giving me such a worthwhile and unforgettable working experience.

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