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Easter Holiday Work Placement

· Mentorship2018

My internship experience in Pacific Basin

Modern skyscrapers, spacious office with typing sound and hard-working staff, it is still unbelievable that I was in this scene too.

First of all, I would like to show my deepest gratitude to our mentor, Ms Emily Lau. Thank you so much for offering me this precious opportunity to be an intern in Pacific Basin. Although I have only worked in the company for a few days, I had learnt a lot.

Throwing back to the very first day of my placement, I was actually very nervous because I was unfamiliar with everything around me such as the background of Pacific Basin, a whole new working environment, my colleagues and all the upcoming tasks. I must admit that I once wanted to run back home.

However, with the guidance of Emily and other colleagues, I was able to adapt the working place soon. In addition, I felt more comfortable and relaxed. Hence, I believed that everything had gone onto the right path.

If I need to use one word to summarise my whole internship experience, it would definitely be “independent”. Unlike studying at schools, there were no teachers in office holding my hands. I need to think and work independently on how to complete the tasks just like in a much efficient way with deadline. Sometimes, I felt confused, for example, designing Christmas and Lunar New Year Cards. I kept on wondering whether I was doing well or not. Luckily, Emily had given me many suggestions and tolerations.

Lastly, this meaning experience is literally a great accomplishment in my Easter holiday. Once again, I am blessed to be included and big thanks to those who had helped me!

Christine Wan





我覺得幾好玩,你哋安排既工作都是我擅長既,比起規矩多多既學校,今次實習好free 係一個好好既經驗、回憶。

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